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Privacy policy

This data privacy policy states Soleil TC.'s position and practice relating to the collection and handling of personal data.

     - Soleil TC. is committed to protecting the privacy of personal data of its customers.

     - Soleil TC. will collect personal data from customers in the course of its business operations whenever circumstances so required and warrant.

     - Soleil TC. will ensure that the collection of data will be conducted and the data collected will be used in due accordance and in full compliance with all applicable laws regulations and/or codes of practices in Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

Collection of Personal Data

To ensure and enable Soleil TC. to provide quality and satisfactory services to customers, our company may have to collect customers’ personal data under various situations.

Soleil TC. will ensure that customers will be clearly informed of the purpose(s) of collection, the usage and when and if there will be transfer of such data. Customers will be reminded in clear terms that they have the right to decline such collection of personal data and the corresponding implications, if any. Soleil TC. may be unable to follow up and/or provide customers with the requested services under certain circumstances if customers fail to provide the required information.

Where customers use Soleil TC.’s website as a link to other websites, customers are reminded that once the link is established customers are no longer with Soleil TC.’s website. Soleil TC. has no control over these other websites and therefore Soleil TC. hereby expressly disclaims all liability for adverse consequences that may arise where customers should disclose their personal data to these websites.

Accuracy and Retention

Although Soleil TC. will use its best endeavour to check, in so far as circumstances allow, that all data collected are accurate; customers should ensure and should provide Soleil TC. with data that are true, update, accurate and complete regard being had to the purpose(s) for which the personal data are collected.

Soleil TC. will not retain customers’ personal data for period longer than that where our company will require such data for use upon customers’ purchase of our travel related products.

Use of Personal Data

     - The personal data collected may be used for the following purposes or any purposes directly related to them:

     - verifying the identity of customers in connection with any of the services or goods that may be supplied to customers;

     - following-up with customers regarding suggestions/enquiries/complaints;

     - promoting, marketing and advertising of any goods and/or services to customers by Soleil TC., its affiliate/associate companies, agents, contractors, suppliers and business partners;

     - business planning and improving goods and/or services for supply to customers by Soleil TC., its affiliate/associate companies, agents, contractors, suppliers and business partners;

     - processing of any benefits in connection with the supply of goods and services to customers;

     - analyzing, verifying and/or checking of customers’ credit, payment and/or status in relation to supply of goods and services of Soleil TC. and/or its affiliate/associate companies to customers;

     - processing of any payment instructions, direct debit facilities and/or credit facilities in relation to supply of goods and services of Soleil TC. and/or its affiliate/associate companies to customers, or requested by customers;

     - enabling Soleil TC. to comply with any obligations to interconnect, with other industry practices, or with obligations to third parties or government agencies in relation to the supply of goods and services of Soleil TC. and/or its affiliate/associate companies to customers;

     - prevention or detection of crime;

     - disclosure as permitted or required by law; and

     - any other purposes as may be agreed to between customers and Soleil TC., including the purposes set out in any application or terms and conditions for the supply of specific goods and services from time to time..

Data Security

Soleil TC. will take reasonable steps and measures to protect the personal data of customers against unauthorized access, processing or erasure. Access to the personal data collected without appropriate authorization are strictly prohibited.  Authorizations are granted only on a "need to know" basis that is commensurate with the staff’s responsibilities and their training.

Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data collected may be transferred under anyone or more than one of the following circumstances:- 

     a. Where Soleil TC. is acting in compliance of law, a court order and/or as requested by law enforcement agencies.

     b. Where the transfer is rendered necessary for purpose of processing payment where customers paid for Soleil TC.’s services by the use of credit card,  PPS, online or other method.

     c. To Soleil TC.’s group, affiliate/associate companies and third parties (including where applicable overseas) for use in business promotion related purposes.

During the processes of data collection, Soleil TC. will request customers to clearly indicate their consent regarding the transfer under point (c). 
If customer has opted out his/her consent at the time the data were collected, point (c) above will not occur.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR and Personal Data Protection Act (Law 8/2005) of the laws of Macau SAR, customers who provided Soleil TC. with their personal data are entitled to check with Soleil TC. as to whether their personal data had been held and request access to such data.

Soleil TC. reserves the right to verify the identity of the customers requesting access and may refuse the request if the identity of the customer is in issue. Soleil TC. will handle any such access requests promptly and a reply will be given in not more than 30 days counting from the date of receipt of the request.

Except as provided in the next paragraph and subject to Soleil TC.’s revision at any time and from time to time without prior notice, an administration fee will be charged for each data access request.

The charges stated in the previous paragraph shall not apply, however, where customers either request access to their personal data or for correction of the same relating to personal data provided for agency or customer login application relating to on-line reservations and enquiries in which case customers can simply visit the following website – to check the required information and perform on spot correction by themselves.